Overcome shyness in 6 easy Tips


21st century still people are shy “shy” is defined as nervous or timid in the company of the other people.

So here I was with my friends going out for dinner we all sat together and started talking but I was the one who was not opening up as they were because I was shy. I was shy because I had a fear of being judged or made fun of. Shy is just a fear of rejection or being judged people are shy in front of girls boys anyone. Everyone has a different past and the situations what made them like this.

Here are a few tips on how to overcome shyness and win like a badass.

Note: It would take enough practice and days to overcome shyness.

Identify or insecurities: People have different situations so first step is to identify your insecurities and either change them or embrace them. Maybe you are insecure about the way you look or because of your gender. Build confidence in yourself.

Smile and be positive: Keep a smile on your face that builds up confidence within you that would send a message to other people that you are strong and charming. Improve your personality. Check our previous post to know easy steps on how to improve your personality. Click here.

Push out of comfort zone: Push yourself out of your comfort zone. Yes! Join a gym or a group. Start talking to people so that fear of rejection would go once you start embracing it. Call your friends and start your conversation, it would be difficult in starting but you would learn to get to fight what you fear the most.

Never say you are shy: Remember to never say that you are a loser or are shy. Say the words like “I am awesome” and “Amazing” “I am good at ____”. When you say negative you tend to attract the negativity from the outside world.

Give yourself self-motivation: Stop dwelling on situations and instead of seeing the problems concentrate on your solutions. Repeat this every day when you wake up to stand in front of a mirror and say I am a winner I will win I am coming for everything they said I couldn’t.

Accept rejections: Don’t fear of getting rejected.Start going out for a walk start saying hello or smile when people pass you either they would reply or reject but that should not affect you do whatever you can start talking going out joining groups going for MUN and start learning. At the worst people won’t listen to you or ignore you but nobody would kill you or hang or throw you in prison for getting rejected.


Don’t shy away because how you look because I guarantee that doesn’t matter, educate yourself to put more information into yourself. Join a gym or a fitness club and spent more time on yourself. That’s the best investments you can make with no loss.

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