3 Ways to look RICH when you are NOT !


By Sidharth Ganguly

Gentleman! I get it even you want to look like that guy who lives five blocks away from your home. 
What? Did he go out on a date with your crush? Uhm I feel that jealousy. You are not poor;
 you just need to know some hacks to look rich even when you are not. You will be though don’t count me wrong.
 I see a guy who is insanely poor but still looks like he is a millionaire whereas there are guys who are insanely rich but always look like douche bags. 
So today I am going over 3 different hacks to look rich even when you are not! 
I would be giving out 3 more hacks by 25 Feb.

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Let’s discuss the hacks below.



1. Upgrade the quality of your garments-

I have heard a lot of my friends talking about where they can get cheap clothes. Put this in your mind; Quality matters not Quantity if you spend 60 USD in 10 Shirts. You need to stop there. Instead, start buying two good quality pairs. Yes, I mean the above statement you read that right. Start investing in quality rather than quantity. Agree or not society judges you on how you dress up and what you wear. Now don’t give me the bullshit that you don’t care what society thinks about you. Well, you do.


Photo by Terje Sollie from Pexels


2. Wear glasses-

Maybe your eyesight is just perfect, and you must be thinking why should you wear glasses. Buy 0 power lens glasses. Some people look great and attractive, sophisticated add more adjective by yourself too but the fact is glasses they change your look. Maybe you should also try one.

3. Upgrade your shoes-

Shoes agree or not whenever a girl looks at you, she judges you directly from your boots. If you still wearing low-quality local shoes and you buy ten pairs thinking its kind of-of cool. You are just fooling yourself. Buy only two pair of shoes, invest in quality, not quality. Try the hacks maybe it will work for you perhaps it won’t.


Source: pixabay.com
CC0 License


If it doesn’t don’t lose hope because Part 2 and Part 3 are on its way with more such hacks. So, don’t disappoint yourself. Share with your friends and family maybe someone will benefit who knows? Right? Oh, wait! Did you forget about the giveaway I believe you didn’t so do get into the giveaway I would love suggestions and appreciations? For any suggestions contact me here.


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