5 Biggest mistake beginners do

1. Setting up unrealistic Goals
Yes, I know everybody wants to look like their favorite idols, everybody wants to get those delicious looking ab, everybody wants the attention of being an aesthetic structure. But people don’t realize the amount of time, the amount of exercise, the amount of hard work, the amount of clean dieting they have gone through to achieve that Greek God looking body. But the story doesn’t end here still if you believe that after continuous years of hard work and dieting you are going get that massive aesthetic look, then my friend you are completely wrong. Anabolics/Steroids play a very important role here. I won’t be discussing many steroids but I would let you know all your favorite bodies whether in Hollywood, Bollywood, Instagram or any other social media, they are not natural.


2. Bodybuilding is not that complex

Let me tell you. Bodybuilding is “SIMPLE” but not “EASY”.
Bodybuilding is not that complex which so-called Instagram or youtube celebrities claim to be.
They just want to sell their program, ebooks and online coaching in short, they are just making
fools out of everyone and growing their business up. No, I am not against online coaching even I
am also an online trainer I am against the claims they are putting to sell their stuff. Claims like if
you want to look like me you are just missing out one thing and that’s my online coaching and
my ebooks. But in reality, you are missing out on only one thing and that is “STEROIDS” the harsh


3. Copying everything which you see on the internet.
There are tons of fancy exercise inventing on a daily basis, which in reality does nothing but are
very prone to injuries. You will see your favorite bodybuilder on Instagram doing very fancy and
bullshit exercise just to make you think like that “this is the only exercise I am missing out to
build that massive chest like him” but in reality, they all are making fool out of you and making
money. Not only these exercises are infective but are very prone to injury if you haven’t spent
some good amount of time with the weights. My biggest advice to every beginner is to make
your basics strong first then think of doing any type of fuckery movement.

4. Spending too much on supplements
First of all, let me tell you supplements especially protein powders are not anyway a magical
drink which you will consume and can get your dream body. They are just protein which you get
from egg, chicken, fish, paneer or tofu. Ideally, if you are capable of fulfilling your protein
requirement from the whole food you need not buy any protein powders, for you they are
useless. Like many fancy and bullshit exercises, there are many fancy and bullshit supplement
also and your favorite bodybuilder is promoting it without any hesitation. My request to every person in this industry is to focus on whole food, basic exercise and don’t follow anyone on social media blindly. If you are not capable or you have no time, just hire a good coach rather than spending thousands of rupees on useless supplements.

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