5 mistakes while Matching our Clothes and Dressing up

Buying trendy clothes online or going out for a shopping and buying clothes is probably not just a way to take your style game on appropriate knowledge and awareness is what you need to have to dress yourselves up and put up yourselves between others. I have personally got experience and I am telling you that just flowing wear all the sheep are going is not a solution for your fashion problem to stand out you need to find your style. If we are buying up trendy clothes we should also have knowledge of how to wear it or else it is just a waste. So here I present you the 5 most common mistake men make while dressing up themselves. If you love our content please hit the bell to get notifications of our latest updates and Do like and share, show some support. Check our store and buy your favorite items. Click here.

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[ctt template=”8″ link=”ah17i” via=”yes” ]”You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it.” — Edith Head.[/ctt]

Color Matching- First of all you should watch out that the color of your clothes and shoes match to some extent if not fully. Otherwise, it will look like a clash of color you have worn. Don’t focus too much on matching your sneakers and gear. Just worry your clothes don’t mess. I personally go out with few top matching trends which you could easily find on Google or try wearing and trying out more and more. Eventually, you would understand which one best suits you. Comment, you match down below and also let us know what do you think?

Extra-long sleeves A shirt cuff should end at the point where your wrist does not be your fingers. Watch out this otherwise your hands will look like it has been swallowed by your shirt or you have worn your dad’s shirt. It’s probably not a good look. You can get it to fix by a tailor.

Don’t mix formal with Casual Don’t wear formal shirts with a sporty watch or a casual shirt with a formal shoe. Do have a watch what combination of clothes you wear and present yourselves out. Let us about your worst combinations.

The wrong Shades- Nothing kills a cool presentation of ourselves faster than a horrible eyewear or shades or a dope outfit select your shades that match with your clothes color and definitely with your face type. Otherwise, you end up being a joker out there.

Check Yourselves- Look at the mirror before you leave out nothing more is embarrassing than having someone telling you to mistake out there on your clothes style or something is left stuck on your hair or face and looks like you have been working out for 4 hours.

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