Editorial Policy

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Letstyle’s mission is to make it as easy as possible for readers to find out what’s happening in India’s tech landscape and global startup and technology ecosystem. All content listed on Letstyle is sourced without payment to content partners, and Letstyle takes no financial gains from our content partners for generating traffic.


Letstyle offers news and information about specific industries, technologies, and applications. This content includes news, feature articles, discussion forums, how-to guides, special reports, case studies, blogs, videos, webinars, and information supplied by readers.


Our business model relies on revenue from advertisers and sponsors.

Our editorial objective is to inform readers of relevant news and information. We also provide a forum for the advancement of industry causes. We are objective, fair, and honest in our industry coverage. Our mission is to offer information and ideas that interest and inform readers. We use a variety of resources to gather and report on the industries we cover. We encourage those who advertise on our sites to provide us with information to be used in the news. Still, any inclusion of content on this site is determined by its editorial value, solely as determined by the editorial staff.

Our editorial mandate is to inform our audience of news, information, and resources relevant to our chosen industries. We strive to be an unbiased source in that we publish only information that we believe to be relevant and important. Our foremost goal in reporting news is to be accurate, truthful, balanced, and fair to all parties.

We welcome and value any reader feedback and criticism.

Letstyle encourages readers and industry executives to contribute columns, commentaries, and blogs. Guidelines for these columns are that they focus on topics of interest to our readership; that they do not serve as an overtly promotional tool for a company or product; that they are not malicious and defamatory; and that they are truthful.

We are not responsible for the accuracy of the content or other resources provided by outside parties. Links are checked for accuracy at the time of publication, but we recognize that the Internet is a changing medium, and these links may become invalid or change.

Once a news item is published, we attempt to contact individuals featured or quoted in the story immediately after it appears on the site. If those individuals point out an error of fact, we will immediately correct the inaccuracy. We do not, as a matter of policy, change direct quotes or make other changes to accurate copy once published, unless, in our judgment, the difference serves to improve the story.

We will accurately label various types of content. Content that is provided by an industry source will be marked to distinguish it from original and exclusive content produced and written by Letstyle’s editors and freelancers.

We strive to meet the highest standards for accuracy and completeness. It is our policy to immediately correct any factual error as soon as we become aware of it and can verify it.

Opinions expressed by bloggers are those of our valued contributors. We do not necessarily share or endorse those opinions.

Factual errors should be reported to our editorial department, identifying the story and details of the error. We will immediately investigate any claim of inaccuracy.

Editorial Liability:

The editor of Letstyle maintains editorial independence in day-to-day editorial decisions. The editor also supports editorial independence for any of the views, comments, and opinions of others published in Letstyle.

Participation by relevant and interested government departments and agencies, regulatory and standards bodies, state-owned enterprises, institutes, industry associations, universities, consultants, readers, industry leaders, and experts in the form of technical articles and other editorial submissions, shall be proactively encouraged.

Where a submission is controversial, Letstyle shall make reasonable efforts to ensure that relevant, diverse views are solicited and fairly presented, and that right of reply is provided. Publication of articles, pictures, comments, opinions, and analyses shall not depend on any particular point of view or worldview of the editor.

Discretion is vested in the editor to shorten an article for space and other reasons, and, if appropriate, this is usually done in conjunction with the author.

Also, the discretion is vested in the editor in deciding whether or not to publish an article, editorial submission, or letter. Such a decision shall not be based on any particular point of view or worldview of the editor. However, a decision not to publish an editorial submission may be because the editor considers it to be inappropriate to the target audience, dishonest, deliberately and maliciously misleading, having an improper hidden agenda, or because the editor believes that Letstyle is being used for improper purposes. Letstyle will also not publish ad-hominem attacks targeting individuals.

Content Partners

Letstyle doesn’t take payment for any referrals or lead generation. The editorial team works with many content partners to create a comprehensive database for India’s startup and technology ecosystem. These partnerships are based on the shared benefit to both parties by publishing content on the site and generating meaningful visibility and traffic for our content partners.


Content Submissions

Letstyle regularly receives content submission requests from writers, bloggers, PR agencies, etc. that wish to submit content for our publication. While the editorial team is always happy to be notified about the potentially exciting content, we do not pay for content to be created, nor do we guarantee any submitted content will be published on the site.

From time to time, Letstyle may publish original content in the form of original reporting and interviews, but it is the policy of the site not to author original articles. This policy is in keeping with the site mission of amplifying the work being done by many authoritative sources across the city.

Some examples of content we feature regularly are articles focused on new rounds of fundraising, product features, startup culture, civic tech, and matters related to India’s tech ecosystem.

If you want to recommend a news article you feel would be relevant you can email your suggestion to our editor at [email protected]



Letstyle publishes a monthly newsletter that brings essential featured items from across the tech ecosystem to our readers’ inboxes. The editorial policy of the newsletter follows the same guidelines as outlined in this document