By Sidharth Ganguly

I get it. You pissed you girl so bad that now you want to change. First, calm the hell down cause if you think you did something wrong and came here that means you want to improve. Well, don’t be a pu$$y again. So better learn from your mistake and never repeat them. In this article as you know, we would be talking about five facts to stop being an a$$hole and become a perfect boyfriend.

Before we start, I would also like to mention as a brother to brother nobody is perfect. Not you, not me, nor the king of England no one is perfect; everyone has flaws. I wish you a lucky man!

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1.Be Honest-

The first foundation of every relationship is honest with each other. If you aren’t reasonable to each other, then you guys should think of going to different paths because indeed it won’t work in the future and why wasting time and playing with emotions. Instead of all those dramas be honest even if have done something wrong which might hurt her. Just be the man admit it and confess. Believe me, brother; it will help you a lot.


2.Be Supportive-


So be it you have to support her whatever be the situation that’s the central principle for being a perfect boyfriend. You need to be supportive, understanding and kind to her. Don’t be selfish; don’t judge her. Give her space.


3.Dress nicely-

Here comes the point which every girl notices. If you dress nicely in clean clothes for the occasion. She is into you brother. Every girl will always dream his man to be well groomed and someone who has a good sense of fashion. Do read my previous article which gives you hacks on “HOW TO LOOK RICH EVEN WHEN YOU ARE NOT.” Well, I am a fashion blogger. So if you are a girl, maybe you should check me out and DM me on my Instagram handle. Jokes aside let’s move on to our next point.


4.Respect her- 

The other point is, of course, respecting who would want her guy to disrespect her? Come one brother imagine your daughter with some guy who never values her nor respects her would you want your daughter to be with such a guy? So if you cant, then don’t be the one. Be a guy who respects her choices and decisions. Even if she leaves you if you start abusing her, well she did the best thing moving on. Don’t be a man, who has no aim in his life and try to be a gentleman. Respect her and Earn Respect.


5.Be Trustworthy-  

Yes, for any relationship to continue. You should be trustworthy. She needs to trust you endlessly so that she shares anything with you no matter what. Any perfect guy should not necessarily have these qualities, but I believe that if they have them or even try to improve them. Then the girl with whom they are would surely be the lucky one.

Don’t worry there would surely be PART 2 for this article as well. If you loved any of our points and girls If you have agreed to any of this point. Do share it with your boyfriends or even your best friends. Hope you loved this article. If you do, do subscribe, like follow our social handles and of course to share with your friends. Support small bloggers too. Your suggestions are valuable to us if you wish to send us any contact us here.


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