5 Simple hacks to look better

By Sidharth Ganguly

Every man needs to look great. Being good-looking does take a lot of efforts.
 Even you want to rock and look great at the same time. Now you would be wondering how you would do it?  
Wait I got you covered! In this article, we would be talking about 5 grooming tricks
 which would not only make you more attractive good-looking but also increase your self-confidence.Before reading this post
do check our previous post. Even the famous quote says, 
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1. Get a Haircut, Facial and eyebrows –

Ya! When was the last time you had a proper haircut, and I can bet you never considered for facial packs or cleaning up your eyebrows? So, here’s the deal you want to look better? Get a proper haircut at a good Salon and spend money on facial packs and eyebrows. I can guarantee that you would look better. Get regular cuts maybe once in a month or two. By doing so you would look better.

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2. Jawline

Don’t have an excellent douching jawline? To get a  perfect jawline to check my next post, to get a whole lot of information on how to get an ideal jawline for a fantastic side photo which will make crush go mad on you.

Photo by Wesner Rodrigues from Pexels

3.Bath regularly

 I know this is a sensitive issue to talk about and that too during winters but agree or not the fact is every girl notices your body odor you smell bad well she got the lousy impression bro. And even if you use deodorants or even perfume still the fragrance fades away? Ask me why? And I would be happy to answer that question that’s because the bacteria sit on your body for days but if you wash and clean yourself daily. Bingo! You would smell better. So did you bath today? If No! Take one after reading this article. Oh, Wait. Maybe you would also like to take a look at this article.

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4.Use Beard oil-

A lot of people do ask me on whether they should use beard oil or not does that help you? So let’s get into the primary point beard oil would not be helping you to grow a beard because that’s genetic. But definitely will help to maintain and give a beautiful shine on your beard which would make your girl go crazy. Check this awesome product here.

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5.Get rid of unwanted hairs

That’s correct you need to get rid of unwanted hair from your body. Clean your ear and your nose hair. Get cleaned spend money grooming and be the man. Check this fantastic trimmer here.

Photo by Bruce mars from Pexels
So there would be a PART 2 of this article which would discuss more points on "Tricks to look better" on 24 Feb. Stay tuned! Subscribe.
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