“Fashion is not necessarily about labels. It is not about brands. It is about something else that comes from within you.”

Ralph Lauren

Ever since dawn of humanity, the essence of fashion is all pervasive – instinct of every soul. From wearable attire, it has now invaded every walk of our life – buildings, cars, choice of plants, choice of food, the books you read, and the list is endless. No sphere of life remains untouched by this one word. By instinct, fashion relates to attire one sports; and manners one exhibits; however manners are far deeper than fashion alone and can completely change the impact of one’s attire. Fashion evolves with time, place and civilization across the globe.
Fashion means much more than just dress, makeup and outfit, but how you really feel from inside. If one wants to know how to dress one’s best, one has to look inside oneself before staring into the crowded closet or oversized mirror. If one wants to know the fashion that best suits you, you have to look deeper in yourself. It even changes by the mood of an individual.
If you are relying on a tag to make it your style, and people see a fancy Chanel bag holding you and not vice versa, then, oh dear; you still have to learn the language of fashion. The choice of one’s outfit has to match one’s personality, mood and the environment. It is not enough to drape oneself in the colours of the worlds and hiding one’s flaws. Rather, wearing what beautifully embraces one’s personality.
Fashion is a medium to appeal to the other sex, whether man or a woman, but it works in co-ordination with style which is unique to each individual. It evolves with maturity and age, however, style is eternal. It is the inner self that has to be welcomed with opened arms.

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