Meditation is Hard? Problems (Excuses) + Solutions

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We all know how meditation is a beautiful and a simple practice with so many benefits for the mind, body, and soul.

So, why don’t we do it? After all, if something is so good (and free), everyone should practice it. Right?

Well, not always. There are some genuine problems (and some excuses!) that prevent many people from enjoying the bliss of meditation. Let’s see and understand how to get rid of the common ones.

Lack of time

Who told you to do meditate for 10 minutes at a stretch? Meditation can be done whenever you wish to do! While commuting, eating (if alone), jogging, just let go of your thoughts and try to achieve oneness with yourself. Even a few seconds of meditative state every day can improve your lives seriously.

Random thoughts pouring in

A very common problem. A simple solution is to instead of achieving “thoughtless” state, try to focus on just “one” thing. Drive your focus towards “sound’ of birds chirping, a simple instrumental song, or even a thing like a simple toy that you can touch and feel.
You would see, it is easy to go from state of multiple thoughts to one thought and then thoughtless, instead of directly jumping over.

Feeling Sleepy!

Get some good sleep. Nothing else will be much helpful.
But if you feel dozing off, because you are getting bored, then any tool like a toy (even a pen) or instrumental music can be helpful. Sitting straight also helps. Initially try meditating (getting away of thoughts) without closing eyes. Achieve calmness. The meditative state wouldn’t be hard to achieve thereafter.

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