The Great Act of Fitting

Sometimes, random conversations fire up the thoughts without us knowing. This year has been a year of losses. A physicist I greatly respected as a human being, a Bollywood actress Who painted my childhood in vivid colors, a musician who fired up the moody teenage swings, I lost People I associate some happy memories with. The other day, I was talking to a dear friend of mine. Now, he isn’t the very philosophical guy. He loves The idea of practicality over reflections. This conversation happened sometime after actress Sridevi Passed away.

Him: Robin, why do people put up condolence messages when someone famous dies? Like, the other

Day, Stephen Hawking died. People I know, who have no idea who he was, put up their status as you’ll

Be missed. Why do people do that?

I didn’t have an answer to that question. I consulted my younger brother as he’s familiar with the

Concepts of human psychology. He introduced me to this thing called compliance.

What is compliance? It’s an act of people trying to fit in. Isn’t this what was observed by my friend?

People were trying to let others know, yes we fit in the mainstream.

I don’t know if I’m right in generalizing, but, the frequent use the act of compliance brings great harm.

Don’t trust me? Let me give an illustration.

We walk into the Woodland store to buy a pair of sneakers. The size 10 fits our feet. A pair of bright red Sneakers on the shelf attract us. But the shopkeeper informs us that they don’t have a pair for our size. We can either go for something of our size or try to fit the pretty red ones. Being a bit greedy about the Color, we chose the second option. It is a bit uncomfortable on the first try, but we adjust. It hurts to Walk, but well-adjusted. It’ll destroy the structure of our feet, but we’ve to adjust because now, the ego Can’t let you throw the shoes away. I’ve gone after red shoes a lot of times and it has hurt too. Somehow, I managed to throw them away, With some success. Do you’ve red shoes that don’t fit? Do you want to buy shoes that don’t fit? Trust me, it’ll hurt the next Week, if not tomorrow.