Tips to improve your Personality

To actually improve one’s personality one should know what does personality mean “personality can be said as the combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual’s distinctive character. Now you should take 2 minutes out to think exactly what kind of person you are and what you want to change. Is there anyone that you know who has an amazing personality? Why and what makes their personality adorable? Well, now you know what kind of personality you want and what kind of you like. Maybe they both are the same and I believe they are and they should be. I Sidharth would like to share a few basic tips to improve your personality to the next level. Stay tuned for the next consecutive post too.

Be yourself – Don’t try to copy someone else just because you like him being fake is one of the biggest lie these days. Let’s be who we are if someone hates you for being who you are then they actually don’t care nor deserve you in any way. For instance, let’s take Harvey specter from Suits We know he has that great personality. The one thing you should notice is that he acts as who he is people try to be like him but he does not. Find out where you are good at and be that.

Be confident- These days people are less confident than they actually should be the one thing you should keep in mind is to walk in confidence act in too. Learn from Harvey specter he walks talks stays in confidence to win. He does anything to win he won’t spent a single second in dwelling over his weakness. Let’s smack the world by being and doing stuff with full confidence to win.

Stay positive- Being confident is the one way but being positive implies many things if you are always negative about the situation you would land attracting negativity and more problems in your life. Try being positive whatever the situation be whatever it takes to let the blood flow through your veins always try to see the positive side of the situation.

Be encouraging No matter how much you hate someone try being encouraging motivate others. There are people nowadays who general like talking about what others haven’t done or they don’t. People are either blaming others or judging others. Help yourself first be different encourage others to be better that would make you look different standout.

Be more interesting- Try learning new thinks new techniques and educate yourself always stay updated on news and other stuff. Meet new people learn from them hang out with people who you want to be. Educate yourself when you learn and educate yourself you become more matured more aware of how to react on situations. That’s what a gentleman would do. Harvey Spectre did his education from Harvard and then he mastered the concepts which made him the best he worked 100 hours which made him the best closure in the city.

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