Top 5 fitness myths busted

1. You need to eat clean boiled salt less, sugarless food.
This sentence is absolute bullshit as the people giving this kind of advice. First of all, let me
clear, salt and sugar are very important for your body’s biological composition, the only thing which
should we keep in mind is we should not exceed the recommended quality as per RDA.
Let’s talk about boiled and tasteless food. Are they necessary for building muscle? “HELL NO”.
Unless and until you are planning to be on bodybuilding stage you don’t have to eat anything
boiled. I never eat them in my 3 years of training and you can check out my physique ��

2. Weight training stunts height if you are below 18.
Again, an absolute bullshit notion which many people still believes especially our parents and
elderly people. Actually, it is the opposite many studies prove that weight training is very
important for every individual it doesn’t matter you are below 18, a woman, young blood or
over 40. Every single person needs to add weight training to his daily life. Moreover, weight
training and other physical activity promote growth hormone and testosterone which is mainly
responsible for your height.

3. No carbs at night.
Again, a bullshit and useless claim by the so-called “FITNESS GURU’S”. In reality, it doesn’t matter
you are consuming carbs in the morning in the evening or at the night. The only thing which
matter is your total calorie consumed in a day. It is been proved by many studies that if your
goal is to consume 200g of carbs in a whole day and you are taking 200g in your dinner you will
not get fat unless and until you are not going surplus in our total calorie.

4. Egg yolk increases the risk of heart disease.
More than half of the world still believe in this myth. Egg yolk is a great source of fats, vitamins,
and minerals and yes of course half of the protein in an egg is in yolk itself. And again, many
researches clearly proved this egg yolk has no connection with cholesterol, perhaps it increases
the good cholesterol. I personally consume 8-10 whole eggs in a day, and recommend all the
clients to consume at least 4-5 whole eggs in a day. Again this no. can vary with person to

5. Supplements are necessary for building muscle.

Supplements are nothing but a highly structured marketing gimmick. They are not magical in
anyway. They will not magically build more muscle in your body. Each and every aspect of your
dietary intake can be fulfilled with only your diet. T&C, if you are below 100kg and a non-veg guy.
There is no harm taking supplements unless and until they are genuine and if you are not able to
fulfill it with your diet but please don’t expect miracles from it.

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